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    Teak root console 100l x 40d x 78h cm $899, including shipping.

    As these pieces are naturally forming pieces, each piece has its own unique look.

    Therefore, if you are interested in owning one of these pieces, we can send you images of the of all the pieces we have in stock for you to make a decision on the pieces that suit you best and which one you think will make the biggest statement in your space.

    Please scroll down further to see more information on the item. Also, click on the link below if you would like more information and images of the consoles we have in stock. 


    Teak Root Console Table 100cm - Natural

    • approx: 100 x 40 x 80 
    • The Teak Root Console table is a piece of art. Harvested from the root structure of a fallen Teak Tree the table is finished with an ultra smooth table top with natural tones. 
    • The patterns and intricate structure of its base is a wicked web of intricate beauty.
    • Distinctly unique due to the nature of free forming wood — no two pieces are identical

    This is Naturally forming Wood and every piece is unique. It may have some colour variations or slight imperfections. These should be viewed as part of its natural beauty and charm. 

    *** HEAVY product. Require special delivery.***

    ***Glass not included***

    ***Please contact us to find out which styles available to help you make your decision.